The easiest way to format and share your resume

Beautifully formatted resumes don't have to take time.

A lot goes into job hunting. You might be answering call outs on Twitter that match your skills or posting about your most recent work experience. Maybe you’re working side by side with top recruiters.

You hear of a great opportunity and you need to jump on it!

You need your resume, no matter where you are or what device is in front of you. Library computer, personal laptop, your girlfriend’s desktop, your boyfriend's phone…

  • But your resume isn’t on the device you need RIGHT NOW
  • Or you can't find the right version.
  • Or the one you need is attached to an email you sent three days ago.
  • Or it’s in a folder buried five folders deep in your desktop at home.

When you finally do find your resume, your worry that it’s a little lackluster. Are you presenting yourself in the best way possible? You want to try new styles, layouts, and fonts—but experimentation takes time.

Burgundy frees your resume up

Your resume travels with you.

Your resume becomes a chameleon.

  • Apply from anywhere in the world with any device, hassle-free
  • Instantly stylize your CV
  • Customize your presentation to individual jobs
  • Generate a clean, shareable URL that represents you
  • Employ formats that recruiters love


Developed by professionals experienced in working with top recruiters, our text editors show you exactly what to put in your resume. All you’ve gotta do is fill it in.


Just like templates for websites, our resume templates act like a magic wand on your content—showing you instant results.

  • Display keywords at the top of your resume to get past the hiring managers who hunt for them, or don’t show them at all.
  • Put your education first, or put it last.
  • Discover the effect of style on your resume. Choose a different template to see new fonts and colors, all without having to reenter your data.
  • Display your resume in the exact format a recruiter requests.


The best part? A clean, professional URL that’s yours to keep. Pop it in your Twitter profile, share it via email, and include it on your website.

Allow potential employers to quickly view your resume online.

This is your ultra-modern CV. It goes anywhere you do. No filing needed. No attachments.

Still need to send a PDF to someone? No problem. Burgundy can handle that in just a click or two.


We wanted to show you a sneak-peek at how our templating system works.

Once you have your resume in Burgundy, changing how it appears is as easy as a few steps.

  • Choose a template (or create and upload your own)
  • Apply the template
  • Marvel at the simplicity of it all.
  • That's it!

The section below is just to show you an idea of how easily you can reformat your resume layout. In this example we are only showing you some basic information which might appear in the header section of a resume.

Reformatting even an entire resume, is this dead simple.

Jane T Coder

123 Syntax Lane
Chipville, WA 010101

Senior Javascript Engineer

Jane T Coder

Senior Javascript Engineer

123 Syntax Lane Chipville, WA


That's it! With the time you saved you can catch a movie, floss your cat or learn the obo (ok maybe not that much time).

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